8 Surprising Things That Turn Women On

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Ask any woman what makes for a hot sex life and we'll talk about things like feeling connected and having quality time together and being confident with our bodies. We'll definitely NOT talk about our husband's family's income because what the hell does that have to do with anything? Well, turns out it has a lot to do with how often women climax. And you'll never guess what else affects women's orgasms.


Now keep in mind, everything we're about to share with you is based on a study of female college students in committed, heterosexual relationships. Researchers at the University of Albany asked how often women climaxed as a result of sexual intercourse and how that related to their relationships.

The results? Wow ... and guys get a bad rap for being shallow. Turns out women care about the superficial stuff just as much as men do, at least when it comes to sex. Here are some surprising things that could affect women's orgasms.

1. His family's income. The higher the income of these boyfriends' and husbands' families, the more often the women experienced orgasm. I imagine if they asked moms in their 20s and 30s, the husband's income would matter more than his family's.

2. His self-confidence. Well that's a no-brainer! Women climaxed more often with very confident men. It's attractive in both sexes, as we all know.

3. How attractive he is. Again -- duh! A woman's orgasms are more intense when she thinks her partner his hot. She's also more sexually satisfied overall.

4. His sense of humor. Well this is pretty cool! The study found that men with a great sense of humor tended to also have a lot of self-confidence and come from richer families (I guess they're more relaxed?). Women initiate sex with them more often, they have sex more often, and women experience orgasms with them more often. Funny is hot!

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5. Frequency of sex. The more often you have sex, the more intense your orgasms. Practice makes (pant, pant) perfect.

6. How hot your friends think he is. This increases your orgasm's intensity. Oh good Lord, we women truly are competitive creatures.

7. How wide his shoulders are. As your boo's shoulder width increases, so does your sexual satisfaction. Just like the magical hip-to-waist ratio for guys, this seems to be a nearly universal turn-on for women.

8. How much you love him. Ladies. According to this study, this matters least of everything else on this list when it comes to your orgasms. Its still matters, don't get me wrong! It's just not as important.

So! This is based on a preliminary study for a larger investigation. The researchers ultimately want to find out how much our orgasms influence how well we choose our husbands and boyfriends. But that's kind of narrow, don't you think? Are we really choosing our mates with our, well, you know ... ??? Wouldn't it be surprising if it turned out we are!

What do you think affects your orgasms? Like, oh I don't know, bedroom skills?


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