Creepy Guy Mails Ex-Girlfriend 15 Baby Chicks to Prove He's Over Her

Sometimes when we break up with people or -- ugh, worse -- get dumped, the desire to have the last word and be the one who slams the casket closed on our doomed relationship is so strong that we do some really stupid things. We send texts. Late at night. While viciously drunk. But one Washington, DC, woman has the ultimate, do-not-attempt-this-at-home creepy breakup story: Her ex-boyfriend mailed her 15 live baby chicks -- along with a truly bizarre note.


This woman's creative (is that the word you'd use?), supremely emo ex included the following note in his box o' live animals: "There are lots of chicks out there." Yes, there are, but I'm guessing 0 percent of them will likely want to stick it out with someone who risks the lives of baby farm animals in order to make a very clichéd point about how life will go on.

No word of whether this woman was sufficiently creeped out enough to file a restraining order against her ex, but the good news is that she was able to find a home for the adorable pets she never asked for. After telling the postman she was going to throw them away -- seriously?! -- he reportedly offered to take them to the Washington Humane Society, where they were cared for and taken to Maryland's Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary.

Side note: The mailman seems like the most eligible bachelor/bachelorette in this entire crazy story.

None of us -- I hope -- would resort to sending birds in the mail (which is totally legal, by the way) in a failed attempt to show our exes what they're missing. If you go to such an extreme to prove to your ex that you are over him or her, you are so not over the relationship, and your actions are going to give you away big time. A clean break is always the best break. Say farewell, be as cordial as possible, and then move on and don't look back.

And leave your poor postman out of it.

What would you do if your ex mailed you baby chicks with this letter?


Image via Bosque Village/Flickr

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