Veteran Pulls Out ALL the Stops to Re-Propose to Wife After 16 Years (VIDEO)

couple holding hands newly engagedBlame the fact that marriage proposals have gotten so big -- just like everything else associated with weddings! -- but lots of us wish we could get a do-over with ours. Believe it or not, even some husbands find themselves wishing they could get a second shot at popping the question.

For example, a retired Air Force veteran named Tommy recently decided his wife Janet deserved better than his original proposal back in 1998. He even went so far as to say that he "miserably failed" the first time around. Aww. So fast-forward 16 years later, he decided that 2014 was his "Do Over Year," and he was going to make it up to Janet by giving her an amazing marriage proposal and new engagement ring.


On March 28 -- exactly 16 years after he met Janet -- Tommy joined forces with the Westin hotel in Seattle to surprise his wife with what can only be described as a gasp-worthy stunt. Hint: There's some pretty sweet breakdancing -- and maaaybe a few tears!

Check it out.


So, so sweet!

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After 16 years of marriage, a so-so or even disastrous proposal is something long forgiven. In other words, no one absolutely needs a do-over. At that point, you have so many other amazing memories between you, you might wonder what's the point of rewriting one small piece of your history? 

But obviously, doing as much has a beautiful payoff! How incredible that Tommy put so much effort into coordinating this unforgettable moment for his wife. Also, who doesn't love a flash mob?! (Seriously, as far as proposals go, those will never get old!) And now Janet has an even more fascinating story to tell during many more years to come of wedded bliss.

Would you want a proposal do-over?


Image © Duane Osborn/Somos Images/Corbis

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