10 Things Never to Say to Couples Without Kids (PHOTOS)

playful couple in kitchenNo matter if you're engaged, married, or simply in a long-term partnership, there comes a time when it seems like everyone wants to know extremely personal details about your relationship. And that period of time when you're quite serious with your sweetheart but not yet parents seems to trigger seriously wacky, sometimes thoroughly clueless remarks and inquiries.

Whether you're an uber-curious future grandparent or simply the BFF of DINKs (AKA Dual Income, No Kids), here are 10 things you may want to avoid saying to your favorite child-free couple.


1. "Have you started trying yet?"

2. "You're so lucky you get to sleep in/travel/spend your money on irresponsible things!"

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3. "You'll see when you have kids!"

4. "Oh wow, you must've partied HARD last night, right?! Gosh, I miss those days!"

5. "Being around kids must be like birth control for you!"

6. "Yeah, definitely have sex/enjoy your marriage now, because after kids, nothing is the same!"

7. "You think you're tired now? Just wait 'til you have kids!"


8. "You're so lucky it's just you two!"

9. "You just don't understand what love is until you have kids!"

10. "So. When ARE you finally gonna have kids??"

Have you heard or said any of these?

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