8 Hot Sex Tips for Moms From Someone Who Knows

couple meeting on streetEver wonder what it's like to be a high-paid escort? Not a desperate prostitute, but a woman who gets paid handsomely to have sex with clients of her own choosing? A former escort named "Svetlana Z" told her story in Medium. She calls herself a businesswoman. After fewer than five years she "retired" from the business to study film-making. But in that short time she saved up $200,000. She was making up to $900 an hour, and up to $9000 for the night. And in her essay, she spills the secrets to her success. Surprisingly, being good sex wasn't even the most important reason she made so much money.


Svetlana mentions there's plenty of young, pretty women in the escort business, but what's kept her in high demand has been her "work ethic" and her "attention to detail." What does that mean? Well, here's a few examples ... and maybe there's a few tricks the rest of us in ordinary ol' relationships can steal to keep our own sex lives exciting.

1. Be adventurous. To stand out, Svetlana knew she had to "deliver something special." And by that she means threesomes, BDSM, toys, role playing. Not that these are all for everyone, but I think being willing to try new things can help keep you both more interested.

2. A red manicure is hot. This was always Svetlana's color. Anything else, she said, was "taking a risk" -- whatever that means. But it does make me wonder what would happen if I maintained the same red manicure for a whole year.

3. Take care of what you've got. Long legs, a slim body, full lips -- Svetlana had some genetic advantages. But she takes care of herself, working with a trainer, eating vegetarian. And she spends boatloads on her makeup and lingerie. Obviously we all have our limitations, financial or otherwise. But the point is, use what you can to enhance what you have.

4. Use flattery. When she greets a man at the door she'll tell him he's handsome. What guy wouldn't want to hear that? I think compliments are contagious -- the more you give them, the more you receive them as well.

5. Be entertaining. Svetlana says guys like having sex with pretty girls, but "they also like to f--- interesting girls." So she tells them stories about her travels. In a long term relationship you lose a little mystery ... I think it helps to always be working on making yourself a more interesting person.

6. Ask for special treatment the sly way. Instead of demanding outright that her clients fly her first-class, Svetlana would say something like "'I have really long legs and in coach they get cramped, and then I lose my flexibility, I cannot do doggie style so good." Genius. A little honey goes a long way.

7. Have an orgasm. Svetlana admits she fakes hers. She says men don't really care so much about her pleasure. It's just that making her come makes her clients feel studly. If you're in a relationship, though, you want the real thing, and most relationship experts will tell you faking doesn't bring a couple closer together. Hopefully you're with a guy who feels studly when you come AND cares about your pleasure!

8. Show empathy. "Mostly, I offered understanding," Svetlana says. For most of her clients, the sex only took 15 minutes. What they were really buying, she says, was a listening ear, someone to be on their side. I think that's what we all want from an intimate relationships.

Now that Svetlana is not longer an escort, she's dabbling in dating. But she says something is missing.

If someone’s not paying you, you don’t have to do blow jobs, you don’t have to smile all the time, you can be yourself. But after a while you feel like something is missing. The something is money. You’re sitting in the same apartment, you’re the same you, but something is missing. Your wallet is empty. Sex is sex, but money is money.

Everyone, join with me now: BUT WHAT ABOUT LOVE?? I get what Svetlana means about the money, though.

What do you think about Svetlana's tips for success?


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