11 Ways to Get Moms in the Mood for Sex (PHOTOS)

couple kissingWhen it comes to married sex we seem to have a disconnect. The cliche is that husbands want it more than wives do. But ask any mom and she'll tell you it ain't quite that simple. It isn't that we like sex any less than men do. Trust us on that one! It's that we're just So. Damn. Tired. Always. We're taking care of everyone and everything, and at the end of the day there's just so little of ourselves left, and definitely not the part of ourselves that feels "fun!"

So guys, it's not about getting "lucky" and finding us in the right mood. It's about creating the mood yourself and lining our path to sexy time with rose petals. Guys, here's what you really should do if you want sex tonight.


Which of these would work best to get you in the mood tonight?


Image © iStock.com/Mark Bowden

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