3 Sex Positions Women With Back Pain Need to Try Now

couple sleeping spooning on couchEver since the Kama Sutra became a household expression, even the most unadventurous, vanilla sex-having couples have considered switching up positions in the bedroom. But what if finding the right position wasn't just for fun? What if it was more absolutely necessary, lest you end up having to pop painkillers due to a romp between the sheets?

For many women, finding the right sex position is the only way for them to enjoy intimacy without triggering a brutal bout of back pain. And while we've heard for years that spooning is best, because it was thought to reduce nerve tension and load on the tissues, that may not be the case for all back pain sufferers say researchers from Waterloo University. Using high-tech experiments, they've taken a closer look at the best sex positions to avoid back pain for both guys and now, us ladies. Hurrah!


Lead researcher Professor Stuart McGill and his colleagues observed 10 couples performing five sex positions using infrared and electromagnetic motion capture systems that assessed spinal movement in both participants.

The upshot: Women who have back pain that pops up when they arch their back or lie on their stomach are known as "extension-tolerant," and would do best in the missionary position while using a pillow for lower back support. For others, known as "flexion-intolerant," who have pain when they touch their toes or sit for long periods of time should try spooning or doggy-style, supporting themselves with their hands (not elbows).

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How specific, right? And ... helpful! As McGill pointed out in a statement, so many couples avoid sex because of the horrendous pain that may linger as the result of just one night of getting it on. Sadly, there really haven't been research-supported recommendations for these couples -- until now!

What a relief for women to actually have solid info now that will allow them to feel more comfortable having sex. Because seriously, what a bummer to have to pass on intimate time with your spouse because of back pain! Ugh! Thankfully, there IS a way to circumnavigate it, and now, science proved it.

Do you suffer from back pain? What works best for you in bed?

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