20 Things All Moms Do That Our Husbands Never See (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Oct 30, 2014 Love & Sex

woman saying hushSo much of what we moms do nearly every day is invisible -- and I'm not just talking about the kissed boo-boos, the cleaned-up spills, the shoe-tying. There's a whole lot more moms do -- for ourselves! Behind his back! -- when we think our husbands aren't watching

So what are some of these things? And how do we get away with them? We have compiled about 20. See if you do some of these yourself and, please, don't tell our husbands! Shhhhh ....

Check out all 20 and then tell us:

How many of these do you do when your husband isn't looking?

secret things moms do 


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