Clueless Guy Creates 'I Love You, Shauna' Website to Win Back His Ex

man working on a laptop while sitting on couchLove makes you crazy. It can also make you act stupidly. We've acknowledged this truth since pretty much the dawn of time in poetry, books, films, you name it, often written by or about someone who lost their mind to love. So it really should come to no surprise that in the year 2014, crazy, stupid love has driven some poor Joe Shmoe to creating a website called "I Love You, Shauna," aka

From what we can tell, the dude behind the website was dumped some 4+ months ago by the website's titular muse. Now, he's taken to the web to show her that he has what it takes to win her back!  

It's almost enough to feel bad for him, but then you read the website, and man, oh, man. All bets on sympathy -- right off!


He admits:

I idiotically didn't put you first. It was always me, me, me and what I wanted to do. I tried to turn everything into something about me rather than making it about the more important person, you.

This would have been a pretty amazing confession if he then didn't proceed to make the whole site further illustration of how he's all about (maybe ONLY about) "me, me, me!" Truly, the number of times the guy has written the word "I" is mind-numbing!

See, Shauna really needs to consider taking him back, he argues, because he has changed. He did this, he wants to do that (i.e., in the section entitled "Things I Want to Do With You," he includes "things" like apple-picking each fall, taking her to see her Steelers in Pittsburgh, sending her random flowers, etc.). He even makes the "Why I Love You" section all about ... him.

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Seems like this website was created with the intention of getting attention from ... well, anyone! Otherwise, why not just send Shauna a good-old fashioned letter (okay, fine, email even!)?

Okay, just to play devil's advocate momentarily, maaaybe this is the result of watching one too many rom-coms. Maybe Shauna asked for some grand gesture, and her ex was just trying to make that happen.

But. Still. When it comes to attempting to win back your beloved, a guy needs to realize he has to make his appeal all about her -- not what he's going to do for her. Especially if what he's going to do is build her a self-serving, pathetic, overkill website.

How would you feel if you were Shauna?!


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