Forget the Mile-High Club -- People Are Getting Busy in Airports

couple in airport walking holding handsFor most of us, air travel always seems so stressful and hectic that between waiting barefoot in a long security line and trying to jockey for a  spot to set up camp by your gate while waiting to board, having sex would be the last thing any of us could manage to do. But apparently one in 10 of us are able to. At least according to a survey done by flight comparison website

Out of 2,521 survey respondents, 9 percent say they've had a sexual encounter while in an airport. Whaaat?!


According to the survey, 76 percent of people who are getting it on say they've done it in "airport toilets," and 21 percent claim to have used a storage area.

I'd love to say good for them, but that would require at least a little suspension of disbelief.

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Really, when's the last time you felt at liberty to just slip into an airport storage area with your guy to go at it? And the airport bathroom claim is SO crazy, because hello, how on Earth are you supposed to avoid the droves of people who've just deplaned descend upon airport bathrooms? People are actually having sex while there's a line of travelers out the door?

No waaaay! Not buying it. Even with 12 percent of that risky business-lovin' 9 percent claiming that they did end up getting "caught by either staff or a member of the public."

Now, maybe that many people actually fantasize about doing it in an airport. That makes much more sense. And the idea that people experiment with exhibitionism and want to celebrate before an arrival or departure? Yes, sure, très hot -- enjoy! But guessing there are about a billion spots, other than the ones suggests, that are better suited to a pre- or post-flight romp with your honey.

Would you ever have sex before or after flying? Have you?


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