Husband Tortures Wife With Totally Insane 'Breakup' Note (PHOTO)

man taking off his wedding bandAsk any couples' therapist, and they'll tell you that miscommunication is one of the top reasons couples struggle in marriage. Most of the time, we aren't even aware we're failing to make sense to our spouse, and therein lies the problem. Except when we intentionally trip them up. Right, now you're wondering: Who would do that?!

Well, for one, a newlywed husband named Max, whose jaw-dropping note to his wife Stefanie was posted by his friend on Reddit and soon went viral. It says -- in plain English -- that he is leaving her. It may very well have given her a nervous breakdown ... That is, if she hadn't figured out that it was only the first piece of a twisted puzzle her dear hubs left for her!

Check it out.


The first part:

note to stefanie from max reddit

What. In. The. World. The guy can't take it anymore, because he wasn't a fan of her cooking?! Grow up! What a jerk.

But then, somehow, his wife stumbled upon "part 2" of her husband's missive. (Yep, it gets better!)

note to stefanie from max reddit part 2

Damn. I really hope these two have the same sense of humor, because otherwise, this husband better prep himself for an extended stay in the doghouse! Oof!

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As one Redditor put it in response to the crazy note:

Marriage: Finding that special someone you can enjoy harassing for the rest of your life.

Yes, guess that just about sums it up. Let's just hope that goes both ways, and that this Stefanie gets her revenge sooner rather than later! (Maybe with a truly nasty dinner?!)

What would you do if you came home to a note like this? How do you and your spouse "harass" each other?


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