Amal Alamuddin Changes Her Last Name to 'Clooney'

She, arguably, has an even more successful and lucrative career than her new husband, but that hasn't stopped newlywed Amal Alamuddin from changing her last name after marriage and becoming Mrs. George Clooney.

The beautiful human rights attorney officially changed her last name on the website of her law firm, Doughty Street Chambers, after exchanging vows with the actor two weeks ago in Venice. Naturally, the 36-year-old is catching both heat and praise for her wonderfully sweet and traditional move.


I'm ashamed to admit this, but I was surprised to learn that Amal chose to become "Clooney" after she had worked so hard to build a professional life under "Alamuddin." And, not that she's old, but at 36, I guess I assumed it would be more difficult to shed the name she was born with than it might have been if she married at 25.

I got married at 29 and had published articles under my maiden name for a few years by that point. I agonized for months over whether I should change my name -- mainly because I had worked hard and didn't want to "disappear" by surrendering the name I had been born with. I felt like I was losing a part of myself and couldn't shake the thought that it was totally unfair I was even being asked to do so -- both by my husband, who is fairly traditional, and society.

But the more I considered my options, the more I realized sharing the same last name as my children and husband was the right move for me. I know some can argue that it's just a name, but I get a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that my little family of four is united in part by our identity as "Fogarty."

I completely understand a bride's decision to keep her surname and don't feel like it affects her ties to her children or husband. But the older I get, the more I value the little gestures we make in life that prove we aren't just living for ourselves.

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Amal's decision to change her name isn't going to affect her drive or negatively impact her career. She isn't becoming less of herself -- she's adding another layer on.

Are you surprised that Amal changed her last name? What did you decide to do when you got married?


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