Beautiful Couple Married 65 Years Die Minutes Apart Holding Hands

couple dies minutes apart

There are very few times death can be described as "romantic," but for soul mates Italvino and Diva Poss, that's exactly what it was. The couple, married for 65 years, died just minutes apart while lying side by side in the hospital, their hands clasped.

This is not the first tale we've heard like this, but in a world where divorce is the norm and few marriages seem genuinely happy, their love story is unusual. It needs to be told.


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Italvino and Diva, who are from Brazil, met at a dance in 1948. Italvino told his family he knew right away that he would marry her. The couple went on to have 10 children and 14 grandchildren together. Italvino cooked his wife breakfast every day and even grew her favorite vegetables for her. They never spent a day apart.



Seems impossible, right? Except it's all true, according to their family.

Who among us hasn't looked at our beloved and wondered when he would die or who would die first? Maybe I am macabre. Maybe it's just me. But I have. And the question always terrifies me.

The truth is, I can't imagine a moment without my husband. He is so important to me and such an integral part of our family, it would be unfathomable to lose him. But if he died now (or if I did), I would know my job would be to care for our kids and stay strong for them. They would need me.

But once they're grown? Then I'd want us to go out this way, the way this beautiful, inspiring couple in another corner of the world did. Together forever.

This is the dream, right? Holding hands with your spouse as you breathe your last breath and utter your final words? Never having to exist in a world without the other? It sounds like the perfect ending.

When my grandfather died in 2004, my grandmother, a woman who had lost her closest sibling, two daughters, and countless friends, said she'd never experienced a loss as devastating as the one that deprived her of his love. She died six years later but was never the same.

I sometimes wonder if she would have preferred to die first or at least along with him.

Both Italvino, 89, and Diva, 80, had been battling cancer. They died 40 minutes apart in the hospital. Italvino went first.

In an interview with Express UK, their grandson said the inseparable pair faced death calmly together when the time came:

After he died, my aunt whispered in my grandmother's ear that my grandfather had passed away in peace. At that moment she became more peaceful. It was as if he had opened the doors for her to go to, as if he was arranging for them both to be together forever.

Wow. That is love. May we all be so lucky. And may they rest in peace.

Would you want to die with your spouse?


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