Many Women Have 'Back-Up Husbands' Ready If Their Marriages Fail, Says Shocking Poll

back-up husband

As moms and wives, it's practically in our job description to be prepared, right? Well, some of us are taking it to a whole new level and planning for back-up husbands, should the need arise, of course.

In addition to traveling with snacks in our purses and keeping babysitter phone numbers at the ready, apparently many of us already have substitute husbands on our minds, according to an informal Daily Mail poll.

Are you ready for this one? Half of the 1,000 women surveyed said they have a "fall-back partner" waiting in the wings should their current relationship fail. The "Plan B" concept was more common among married woman than with their single counterparts. 

But wait until you hear who these ladies have on hand should their marriages tank...


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According to the survey, the back-up is likely to be an old friend, ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, colleague, or even someone they met at the gym!

A spokesman for the online market research company that did the poll explained:

They understand that anything can happen and are ensuring they have a solid back-up plan should things go sour with their current man.

With sites like Facebook and Twitter, it's easier than ever to stay in touch with an old flame. Men need to be aware of any 'old friends' that turn up out of the blue, that's for sure.

While this whole fall-back scenario might sound crazy to some, I know it's one I've been thinking about pretty much since our third child was born.

Three kids ... all boys...born within 6 years. You'd have to be superwoman to handle that alone! When we've returned from brutally long days at a water park or one of those endless birthday parties, I've told my husband, "If anything should happen to you, I'm going to need to remarry several hours after your funeral. I hope you understand."

Having carried a cumulative 1,000 pounds of little boy on his shoulders while hunting cotton candy and ice cream vendors at amusement parks and baseball stadiums, he'll typically nod and say, "I totally get it."

And I've told him he should be prepared too. "If something happens to me," I'll say, "you're going to need to find Mary Poppins-meets-Mrs. Doubtfire ASAP!"

It's not that either of us plans on going anywhere, and my motives for thinking about it are different from those of the women surveyed, apparently. But still, it is something I've thought about. But when I do, I'm not delving into the past like some of these other gals! No way. I'm all about practicality.

For example, did you ever notice that when you have a leaky faucet or a broken toilet, it costs you $75 for the repairman just to come out to your house? That's before he's even crossed over your welcome mat! Maybe a plumber might be a nice choice for hubby #2?

Or how about a chef for those nights when you don't feel like cooking or waiting (or paying) for take-out? Surely, a professional would be able to whip up something wonderful with the pile of Cheerios, lonely egg, and questionably old Swiss cheese I have on hand, right?

A landscaper would be nice too, wouldn't it? It makes such a difference when you know what you're doing out there rather than blindly aiming a weed-whacker at a thicket of shrubs and hoping for the best. Perhaps he'd even craft us some stunning topiaries--one in each of my children's profiles. 

Ah, but I digress...Hopefully this isn't something I'll ever have to think about in earnest. But what I do think is funny about this survey is how many women are ready to jump into a new relationship (or rekindle an old one) after their current one fails, hypothetically, anyway. Whatever happened to the notion of 'til death do us part -- or the idea of being fine on your own? 

Do you have a back-up husband in mind? 

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