Daughters Plan Faux Wedding for the Sake of 1 Last Dance With Their Dying Dad (VIDEO)

bride dancing with her dadSome may say a wedding day is all about the bride. It's her day. But really, it's about the bride and groom making a huge commitment to join their lives together, and in the process, honoring loved ones who vow to support them as they begin that new chapter. Hence the tradition of the father-daughter dance. What better, sweeter, more memorable way for a dad to show he has his daughter's back?

Sadly, a 46-year-old Idaho father named Kelvin Peters recently learned that he will never get the chance to support his three little girls on their Big Days. Peters has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and doctors say he has just months to live.

So he and his daughters did something amazing to make up for it. Better get out the tissues for this one ...


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Peters admits that he was angry after first hearing the news, and then heartbroken over "all the things I'm going to miss out on." Of course, his 21-year-old daughter Kaitlin Peters feels the same way. But after attending a friend's wedding as a guest and breaking down during a father-daughter dance, she was also inspired to choreograph an opportunity for her dad to share that special moment with her and her sisters, 15-year-old Kendle and 13-year-old Isabella.

She decided to throw a "faux wedding"! Idaho Event Professionals helped the family acquire donated wedding dresses, a venue, a photographer, and decorations. Amazing!

Watch the tearjerking clip of the event below:

It's incredibly heartening to see that in the face of such tragedy, this family was able to share this unforgettable experience. Their story is a reminder that when it comes to showing loved ones what they mean to you, it's so important to carpe diem.

As Kaitlin said, brides may easily chalk the father-daughter dance up to just another to-do on their wedding day agenda, but clearly, it is so much more than that. It's a moment to be cherished for years to come.

What's your reaction to this video? What do you remember about your father-daughter dance?


Image via Tobias Bernhard/Corbis

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