Obese Girls Date Less & Can't Get Guys to Wear Condoms, Federal Study Suggests

If you're like me, you've probably always assumed the government has no shortage of important work to do. Sure, there was that year when they spent a stupid amount of money to convince us to eat American oysters (true story), but they mostly stick to focusing their attention and big bucks on things that matter. Like the economy. Social Security. The military. Health care. Finding out why obese young women date less than their thin friends.

Wait a second ...

Yes. It's true, I'm afraid. The federal government is about to spend nearly half a million dollars to research why obese teen girls have fewer dates and less sex AND -- get ready for the kicker -- why, when they do have sex, they just can't seem to keep condoms on their men.


"Obese girls consistently report having fewer dating and sexual experiences but more sexual risk behaviors (i.e. condom non-use) once they are sexually active," says the abstract for the National Institutes of Health study on overweight young women and dating, which the NIH awarded the staggering $466,642 grant for.

Over the course of four years, the Magee-Womens Research Institute and Foundation will attempt to figure out whether overweight young women develop "relationship skills" later in life, and if this -- and not their weight -- is the real reason why they aren't dating the captain of the football team on Monday and the school president that Wednesday.

Allow me to save them hundreds of thousands of dollars they can donate to cancer research: Obese women's "social skills" are no different from those of their skinny sisters just because they're overweight. To suggest otherwise is to do a huge disservice to young women.

Some big girls are funny. Some thin girls are funny.There are overweight teen girls AND underweight teen girls who can hold interesting conversations about current events and their future plans.

Lots and lots of heavy girls are just like you, me, and Jennifer Aniston -- on the inside. How we are treated by members of the opposite sex because of our outer appearance -- well, that's a different story.

The NIH's research project could just as easily apply to teen girls (and boys) who have bad acne or a severe overbite. These physical characteristics could keep them from enjoying the same dating opportunities as teens whose appearances are conventionally attractive. As a result, maybe they don't get a chance to hone their relationship skills the way someone might if she had to learn how to fend off the advances of every man under age 80 from the time she developed D-cup breasts at age 14.

All of this just seems kind of Captain Obvious to me. This study isn't evil in nature -- but it is unnecessary. Half a million dollars may be pocket change to the federal government, but every last cent could be better spent.

How do you feel about this study? Why do you think obese girls date less and engage is riskier sexual behavior?


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