10 Things Never to Say to a Woman Who Just Got Engaged (PHOTOS)

newly engaged woman and friends, things never to say to a woman who just got engagedIt's a case for keeping your lips sealed about your guy popping the question. Because just as soon as news breaks that you're engaged, you'll learn that showing off your new bling brings out the crazy.

Perhaps because they're deliriously curious or can't help but wonder how your engagement is going to affect them, people just love to follow up their "congratulations!" with eye-popping, jaw-dropping questions and comments.

Maybe you're the friend of someone who just got a ring on it, or you were that totally befuddled, happily engaged woman fielding a deluge of redonkulous remarks. Either way, here are 10 things never to say to someone who just got engaged:


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1. "Your ring is so ... cute!"

2. "You must be pregnant then, right?"

3. "I didn't know you were seeing someone!"

4. "Have you thought of eloping? You'll save time and money!"

5. "How soon do you think you'll start trying for kids?!"

6. "You're not going to have it (insert location, date, etc.), right? Because that doesn't work for me ..."


7. "I can totally plan your wedding for you! What do you say?!"

8. "I hope you're NOT inviting (insert person you probably are considering)!"

9. "Ugh, bridal parties are so tacky! You're not having one, right?"

10. "Have you picked a date yet?"

What was the craziest thing someone said to you right after you got engaged?

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