Mom & Daughter Get Married on the Same Day Because They're Just THAT Close

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Every mother of the bride -- scratch that, every woman at a wedding who is not the bride, period -- knows her place. She knows she's under no circumstances supposed to do anything that could potentially upstage the bride. After all, it's the bride's day! Well, that is unless it is two brides' day, and the two brides in question happen to be an inseparable mother and daughter!

Crazy? Sure, maybe to some, but not to devoted mom-daughter duo Kim Milhano and Susan Scott-Williams, 28 and 51 respectively, who got married together -- at their partners' urging!


See, Kim and her husband Carlos had been engaged for eight years but never got around to tying the knot. But when Susan got engaged to Barry, the couples decided to make it official across the board.

Kim and Susan, who are often mistaken for sisters, told the Daily Mail that they saved over $3K by having a combined wedding at a hotel near their homes in Bristol, England. Not too shabby!

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And when they say "combined," they really mean it. They walked down the aisle at the same time (two different aisles, specifically, arranged in a V-shape), cut the same cake, and even shared their first dance. They did say "yes" to different wedding dresses, but they opted for matching bridesmaid gowns and bouquets. Hey, whatever works!

Check out a pic of the happy bridal party:

While sharing your wedding day with anyone other than your spouse seems like a nightmare for some, it obviously depends on the dynamic. If you're that close to your BFF or sister or, as in this case, mother that you don't mind sharing your wedding day with them, by all means! Go for it!

In fact, this mom and daughter duo claim it brought even more joy to their big day. You know what, I believe it!

Would you have ever considered a joint wedding? With your mom!?

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