Alarming Wedding Photo Captures Bride & Groom's Run-In With Scary Guest

couple brian rebecca pepper bull

Wedding fever has officially crossed over to the animal kingdom, it seems! After all, a herd of deer crashed a wedding reception in New Jersey just last weekend, and now, a wedding photographer Down Under has captured a couple with another majestic "guest."

Rachel Deane of Finishing Image Photography was shooting Brian and Rebecca Pepper's nuptials in Tamworth, Australia. The couple was posing in a beautiful field with an antique car when an unexpected visitor charged their way.

Take a look.


rachel deane finishing image photography couple wedding bull

Yes, that is a BULL!

And as photoshopped as the image looks, it sounds like Deane actually captured a pretty wacky, even borderline freaky moment during the Peppers' big day.

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She told GMA that the bull first came close enough to sniff Rebecca's dress and then "started kicking up dust and arching his back in a tiger-like pounce stance. It then started charging towards Brian and Rebecca." OMG!

Thankfully, the couple grew up in a rural area and around cattle, so they knew how to react accordingly.

Deane explains that the groom "turned around and started charging back at the bull, which startled the bull, and the bull ran back up the paddock."

Whoa. Talk about adding a whole new element of surprise and adrenaline to an already nerve-wracking day! 

Understandably, the pic has gone mega-viral. ("Un-bull-ieviable!" has pretty much been the general international reaction! Ba-dump-ching!) As shocking as the incident must've been for the Peppers and Deane, the shot did turn out completely gorgeous! Cheers to that!

Did you or your groom have to deal with anything as out of left field as this on your wedding day?


Images via Rebecca Deane/Finishing Image Photography

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