Kinky Couple Says They're Swapping Partners for the Sake of Religion (VIDEO)

couple looking at a bibleIt's a fact moms are all too aware of: It only takes minutes of cruising the web to learn all about other people's sexual preferences and quirks. Whether you like it or not! And just when you think you've seen everything, along comes Cristy and Dean Parave.

The Florida couple has been making headlines for their unconventional taste in the bedroom. Apparently, their cup of tea is one part wife-swapping, one part devoted evangelical Christianity, with a dash of entrepreneurial spirit. That's right. The couple is behind a new Christian swinging website meant to spread the gospel and share their interests -- in trading sex partners -- with other likeminded religious folk!


Because they love Jesus, wife swapping, and bodybuilding, they've named their social network

Cristy, who has three children from a former marriage and met Dean eight years ago on a dating site, explained her thoughts on swinging to the Daily Mail:

Dean and I are both in agreement with this lifestyle, so we're not committing adultery. God put people on the earth to breed and enjoy each other -- I feel God is always with me, and he has put us here for a reason.

Hey, sure, why not?

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Dean had been an alcholic and drug addict and was arrested for drinking and driving before finding Jesus. So, if anything, one might argue that the new lifestyle he leads with Cristy is much healthier than his old one!

Ultimately, sounds like these two are about as enthusiastic about bodybuilding, their religion, and sex with other people as lots of us are about eating chocolate, worshipping social media, and binge-watching Netflix. They're just two consenting, religion-lovin' adults who want to help other consenting adults find -- and, err, share -- one another. Whatever floats your boat. As long as no one's getting hurt, who are we to judge?

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What's your reaction to the Paraves' lifestyle and business?

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