Couple Spends $30,000 on Sex Dolls to Heat Things Up in the Bedroom

Real Doll

For many couples, the desire for a "threesome" is the death knell of their relationship. Oh, sure, we can tell ourselves it's okay and that lots of couples do it, but the truth is much murkier.

Well, Shawna Bigelow and Dave Hockey, a couple in England, have found a way to have nightly group sex AND keep their relationship strong. And they only had to spend around $30,000 to do it.

Do they use prostitutes? Oh no. They use dolls. Yes. Dolls.

These Real Dolls are not unheard of. They are incredibly lifelike sex dolls that resemble real women (and men!) in every way. They have lifelike orifices, are of actual human size, and have skin that feels and moves like real skin. Yikes.

Hockey says that his four dolls have been his passion for a while, before he was with Bigelow.


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He met Bigelow online and she was open to experimenting with him. Now that they are together long-term, she even has a male doll of her own (with customizable penises). This is weird. Yes it is. But it's also something else. It's love. 

Neither Bigelow nor Hockey is hurting anyone with their doll love. It's a "safe" way to have a threesome with no real feelings getting in the way. And while Bigelow says she does get envious of the dolls from time to time (who wouldn't??), she also recognizes that they are made of silicone.

Good on her.

The truth is, we all have our "things," right? The people I have been close with have been mostly tame. My husband is a "boob man," for instance. So, hey, you know what I do? I play up my rack! Oh, the things we do for love ...

So if my husband were into dolls, I might be a little creeped out, but I'd go with it. EVEN for an $8,000 one (God help me!). Still, as a mom, I have to wonder, how would you hide this from the kids? And if you didn't, how would you explain it?

That's a whole discussion I never want to have with my kids. So, yeah. I'm glad my hubs is into real women. But I see nothing wrong with this. Good for them for finding something that works for them.

Would you ever "play" with dolls?


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