Hot Girl & Guy Wear Fat Suits on Dates in Prank With Very Revealing Results (VIDEO)

When it comes to love, men and women often have very different ideas about it. For instance, what is the worst thing men can think of happening to them on a date? According to a survey, the thing men fear most in the world on a date (obviously a first date, in this case) isn't getting stuck with an enormous restaurant bill -- but a fat woman showing up. Women, on the other hand, fear a serial killer smiling at her over a glass of wine. So, yeah, kinda different.

A couple of pranksters decided to film what it would be like if men and women who had met on the dating app Tinder came face to face for the first time with the hottie they were expecting, only to find a very LARGE hottie instead. A man and a woman dressed up in fat suits and showed up on first dates, and the reactions of the men vs. the women couldn't be more polar opposite -- and telling.


The videos have gone viral, racking up a combined 6 million views in two days and sparking major debate between men and women.

The guys are expecting to meet a beautiful, blond woman who is slim and extremely in shape (check out her bikini shot!). But when they get there, they find the same girl, only a much heavier version. Take a look:

Wow, these guys were flat-out RUDE. "Are you pregnant?" one has the nerve to ask. Another cheekily asks the woman if she likes to eat! One says he doesn't like liars, another lectures her about the gas money he'd spent, and yet another pretends he's married! (Wonder if he was??) And, man, they couldn't wait to get out of there. They act like instead of an overweight woman, they had indeed met up with a serial killer.

Only one guy out of the five stayed through the entire date. Awww! I hope that guy puts that on his profile. He will surely be a dating rock star now.

As for how the women reacted in the same scenario, check this out:

Couldn't be more different, could it? The girls not only all stayed for the entire date, one says she "doesn't discriminate" and "loves all men," two suggested another date, and one even kissed him -- twice!

Whether or not this proves women are more into heavy guys, I don't know. I think women are just more prone to want to be "nice" and not upset anyone. That's a great trait, but also one that can get us into a lot of trouble. I also think it helped that the guy, in spite of apparently trying to turn the women off ("I hate kids! I hate dogs!"), still came across as funny and charming (the accent helped). But I wonder how many of the women would have actually gone out with him again, or if he was just "friend-zoned."

Either way, no guy offered to "friend-zone" the woman in the fat suit!

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As for the men, they are getting a lot of flak for their mean reactions, but I don't think anyone likes to be fooled by an online profile that is obviously not representative. In fact, I'd say this is a good quality. Walking away from someone who is clearly trying to trick you isn't a bad thing. What else is this person lying about?

Now someone just needs to have a "serial killer" type show up on a date and see how many women stay! I fear too many!

All in all, I think this proved what we already know. Guys are much more into externals than women are -- or at least women are better at hiding it.

What would you have done? Have you ever had something like this happen to you on a date?


Image via SimplePickUp/YouTube

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