The 'Little Things' in Marriage That Drive Me Crazy Aren't What I Expected

little things in marriage drive me crazy, wife annoyed by husband

They say it's the little things you fall in love with about a person that end up driving you the most crazy. I disagree.

I still love the little things. The way he opens one eye when he's too tired for two. How he instinctually grabs my hand on a flight as we're taking off. His ability to make me laugh even when he isn't there by leaving little notes or random memorabilia in obscure places. No one can deliver an inside joke better or more appropriately timed than my husband. We lie in bed laughing late into the night. The man can make me giggle like no other.

No, it's the little things I never loved -- or knew -- that make me mental. 


I know I'm OCD when it comes to picking up and organizing. But when I've devoted an entire basket in the hall, just mere steps from the door, to shoes so he doesn't have to take on the arduous task of putting them 20 feet back where they belong, and he can't even bring himself to lift them up and throw them in said basket, he's killing me.

Literally killing me. Each time takes seconds, maybe minutes, off my life with the amount of rage I feel. It can't be healthy. But maybe that's his plan? Death by shoe misplacement.

Of course the shoes are just the beginning. Cabinet doors left wide open for seemingly no purpose except his arms must have been too tired to close them. Products left out on the sink every morning and every night. Laundry on the floor, toys and pillows about, the TV on in every room even when he leaves the apartment, atrocious listening skills ... (I know his list is just as long, maybe longer: food in the sink, chronic tardiness, yada, yada, and I own up to that.)

And just when I'm ready to put him up on Craigslist with the rest of my gently used baby equipment (Baby Daddy for sale!), out comes that inside joke, making me laugh 'til my sides ache, more than they already are from toting around a 28-pound child.

Or I watch him with our little girl, the light in her eyes, and I can't help but light up, too.

At least until I see those damn shoes!

Tell me, what are the little things about your partner that you love -- and hate?

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