The Biggest Wedding Regrets Revealed by Women Who Want an 'I Do'-Over

bride and groom black and white wedding photoNo matter how much planning, pining, and pinning we do for the Perfect Big Day, every former bride can think of something that didn't go exactly as she wanted at her wedding!

In their 8th annual "What's on Brides' Minds" survey, David's Bridal found some pretty interesting regrets women had about their weddings, well after they were over.

Twenty-four percent of brides wished they had asked people giving speeches to keep it short and sweet -- and 14 percent wanted to tell at least one guest "you're cut off" from the bar! Meanwhile, 13 percent of brides lamented that their bridesmaids caused unnecessary drama. Ouch.

So let's face it: If you've walked down the aisle, chances are there's at least one big regret about your "I do"s that you would re-do if you could! We asked that 15 women tell us what they wish they'd done differently at their weddings. You have to see what they said!


1. "I would've sprung for a videographer! We thought we didn't need one because we had a photographer, and we didn't want people in our faces all day long. But even though I LOVE the photos, and I feel like they captured the night really well, I just wish I had a mini-film to watch of the special day. I'd rewatch it 100 times I'm sure!" -Mariela, 34

2. "I would've planned it for my husband and for me, instead of for our families. I wanted a wedding on the beach, but my father-in-law is disabled and wouldn't have been able to walk across the sand. We ended up holding the wedding at a venue so that he could attend, and he wound up not coming anyway." -Angela, 33

3. "We would have actually eaten our catered dinner! We were so busy taking pictures, listening to speeches from family/friends, and visiting with guests that our first meal out as a married couple was at 1 a.m. after our wedding at Denny's! We were starving!" -Brenda, 31

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4. "I should have gotten my dress tailored to my flip-flops and worn them from the get-go! I wish I would have thrown this idea that my fancy wedding necessitated fancy designer shoes out the window! As it was, after the stupid heels ripped up my feet during photos and our ceremony, I ended up begging my bridesmaids to go get my flip-flops, and I wore them for the rest of the night!" -Esther, 31

5. "I would have been more vocal about some of the guys my husband chose as groomsmen. I turned out to be right, and he had to kick his friend out!" -Kathy, 30

6. "I would have gotten a better dress alteration. I wore my mom's wedding dress, and the woman we chose turned out to be super flaky and didn't have my dress ready early enough for us to make changes. The final result was not the best it could be. Now, I have to see the ill-fitting aspects of my dress every time I see our wedding photos! I would have also made a list of must-have photographs for our wedding photographer, no matter how obvious. We got married in the evening with a huge red barn covered in tiny white lights as the backdrop. And the photographer did. not. get. one. photo. of. the. darn. barn!" -Sheri, 43

7. "I wish we did the photo album/video immediately after the wedding. It’s two years later, and we’re now expecting our first child, and I keep nagging my husband to do the video editing. This is never going to happen! Also, I cheaped out on my bouquet. Just purple carnations. They looked pretty, but if I had realized how centrally the bouquet featured in pictures, I would have gone with something a little glitzier." -Erica, 32

8. "I got married when my daughter was a newborn, so we left her home with a sitter and raced to City Hall. Only, I really wish I'd just brought my baby along. While there's no way she'd remember it, I wished she were in the photos. After all, she was a very important part of her family I feel bad she wasn't there!" -Judy, 42

9. "[I would have] asked my friends to prepare toasts. We got to an awkward moment when toasts were called for. They got stage-fright, and no one made a toast, but really it was my fault because I hadn’t asked anyone to prepare anything. It just slipped my mind." -Carrie, 39

10. "I wish that I had not worn a veil! First of all, minutes before the ceremony began, my photographer did a quick 'test,' and it popped right off, leaving me to fix it with seconds to go before the wedding! Then, at the end of our reception, guests who wanted to say their goodbyes would tug on it to get my attention! I'd like to blame it on the open bar, but that was super annoying either way." -Liz, 43

11. "Could I go back in time and uninvite people?" -Jeanne, 32 

12. "I would have enjoyed dancing and being with my groom more instead of making sure to thank everyone and talk to everyone at the reception! (Also, if i could have prevented the A/C in the church from failing ...)" -Sarah, 30

13. "Should have gone to Vegas with maid of honor, her husband, best man, and his wife. Then come back and have a little reception. My mother was into everything. She felt she was entitled to make decisions!" -Ann, 39

14. "Wish I would have spent extra and done it at my church, instead of the clerk's office. Thought we would be able to do an official ceremony, but almost four years later, and it's still just a pretty thought ..." -Anna, 22

15. "If I could go back and do it all over again, I'd spend the money on a quality photographer. We were in our early 20s and paying for the wedding ourselves, so we were excited when we found a photographer so cheap! Man, we sure got what we paid for. He showed up half an hour late, was very pushy, and despite my pleas to do it sooner, waited until after my train got grass-stained to take pictures of it." -Marianne, 30

Clearly, there's no such thing as a 100 percent perfect wedding for any bride, even years later. But what really matters is that most of our memories of that incredibly happy day were good ones. So let's make a pact to focus on everything that went right when we daydream about that magical, monumental milestone in our lives -- not the one thing we'd do over. Deal? Cool. Now you go first ...

What would you have done differently at your wedding?


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