Women Seek 'Fall Boyfriend' in Hilarious Online Ad (PHOTOS)

couple in the fallLadies, it's the first day of autumn; Do you know where your fall boyfriend is?

Yes, it's the most important accessory a woman can have this season: A boyfriend you acquire in the fall. Just last week two women actually posted a Craigslist ad for that very purpose: "Needed: 2 Males interested in something steady/serious-ish as the weather fades from hot, humid, and carefree to crisp, Patagonia vest season." They later said they were joking, but I think they were serious. Why? Because locking down that fall boyfriend is super important, that's why!

It's not merely so you'll be ready for holiday parties and that New Year's Eve kiss. Just look at all the romantic activities you could be enjoying if you only had a fall boyfriend. Now get on it, girl!


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Image © iStock/skynesher