11 Strangely Sexy Turn-Ons Women Confess About Their Husbands (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Sep 24, 2014 Love & Sex

dad changing a baby's diaper

Seeing your husband change a dirty diaper might be satisfying (ha, it's his turn!), but HOT? Hey, why not? It's not rocket science: We ladies are known for having much more varied and nuanced reasoning when it comes to sex.

So it's no wonder that subtle, weird, or even eyebrow-raising things our guys do can get us all worked up. It's how we're wired!

We asked 11 women to reveal their most strangely sexy, offbeat turn-ons, and wow, did we get some interesting answers ...

Click below to see what they said, then tell us:

What's the most surprising, unconventional thing your husband does that turns you on?


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  • Teaching his daughters


    "Seeing him talk to our girls about valuing themselves or watching him teach them to change the tire on their car. Seeing him cry when any of the kids reach a goal they have been working so hard to achieve. Watching him with his kids and knowing what an amazing father he is."

  • Getting all fired up


    "When he's in a bad mood or when we're fighting, for some reason, that gets me every time. Just to be clear, I don't pick fights just to get him angry and sexy!"

  • Talking shop


    "[My husband] is an electrician and, currently, a power plant operator at a military facility. He never ceases to amaze me, and I have always had faith in his abilities to do more. I just get so in awe of him talking physics. But even though I can't follow what happened at work very well, the passion he has in his eyes for it is all I need to see! He's just awesome and so sexy when he talks shop!"

  • Planning anything


    "When he takes control of planning vacations, date nights, the bedroom, etc. Mainly because I do all the planning for everything!"

  • Chopping wood


    "I love watching him chop wood and when he hugs and kisses me smelling like wood!"

  • Letting his hair grow shaggy


    "If he lets his hair grow out a bit, I get worked up. He used to have this adorable bushy 'do when we met, but he's kept it close-cropped since he went all corporate."

  • Breathing heavy


    "I love the sound of him breathing! It reminds me of when his breathing gets passionate and heavier when we are having sex. Sometimes he breathes heavier when he is sleeping very soundly too, and it's turned me on so much at times that I had to wake him up to spend those sexy breaths on something else!"

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  • Discussing science or math


    "When my husband talks science or math, I want to jump his bones! I've been known to murmur, 'Talk science to me' in the bedroom!"

  • Patience when you're getting ready


    "Being able to live with three females! He puts up with us taking forever to get ready."

  • Bringing 'work' home in a sexy way


    "My husband, out of the blue, lightly puts his fingers on the inside of my wrist, like he is checking my pulse. Usually happens when we are just relaxing on the couch or bed. Must be the nurse practitioner in him!"

  • Wearing a sexy watch


    "He has this watch with a thick band he wears, which I love. I think he used to wear leather cuffs when I first started dating him. (Punk rock. It was a different time!) So, the thick band on the watch? Swoon!"