The Top 10 Guys Moms Secretly Have Crushes On (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Sep 19, 2014 Love & Sex

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When you're young, it's hard to resist the lure of aesthetics. Who doesn't go for the guy with movie star hair, rock-hard abs, and the cool car?

But as you get older, your perspective shifts. I don't know about you, but I now find the fella who fixes my lawnmower way hotter than the man in the expensive suit. 

The heart wants what it wants. But I've realized over time that the heart is fickle. While some of these sexy things might not be who you'd expect, you'll probably find yourself nodding in agreement when you see who my top 10 mom crushes are.

I'm caught between #1 and #9. Check out the slides below and then tell us: Who's your top mom crush?


Image © MichaelReh/Corbis

  • The Inspiring Teacher


    Image © SharieKennedy/LWA/Corbis

    A great teacher is crush-worthy at any age, but show me one who will foster a love of literature in my little one and I'm swooning. Anyone with the power to inspire my son to put down Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which he's been re-reading for four straight years, and pick up Harry Potter has my heart. 

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  • Barber Who Listens to Mom


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    The barber who listens to my request for a trim and ignores my son's demands for a mohawk will win me over every time. Some days a lady just likes to be heard. And if he throws in the phrase, "Mom's the boss," I'm a goner!

  • Shoe Salesman


    Images © Hans Neleman/Corbis

    Sure, he's probably working on commission, but I like to think my shoe salesman really has my best interest at heart. When he's willing to run back and forth delivering me a dozen different pairs of sandals until I find just the right fit, I'm head over heels, literally!

  • Coach Who Plays Fair


    Image © RobertMichael/Corbis

    Athletic guys are inherently hot, aren't they? But when I see a dad who not only volunteers his time but coaches fairly and makes sure each kid has a great experience, I'll cheer for him any day.

  • Pizza Delivery Man


    Oh, sweet pizza delivery guy, is there anyone I'd rather see more than you on my front step on a Friday night? I don't think so. And when you bring me paper plates and extra napkins, it's like you've peered right into my soul (and kitchen). You see me for who I really am -- a woman whose dishes are forming a leaning tower of gross in her sink -- and you don't seem to mind a bit. And when you accept credit cards or a check, my heart melts at your awesomeness. 

  • Helpful Cashier


    Image © BarryAustin/Corbis

    Who doesn't love that cute cashier who pretends nothing happened when your toddler causes an apple avalanche in the produce section? You adore him even more when he bags your groceries while you rebuild that fruit pyramid and allows you to make a quick getaway. 

  • Man Blowing Snow


    Image © MarkHunt/Hunstock/Corbis

    To the neighbor who clears a path to my door, sidewalks, and stairs while I'm running around in pajamas, fixing breakfasts, and searching for missing socks on snowy winter mornings, I love you!

  • The Waiter Who Brings the Kids' Meals First


    Image © RandyFaris/Corbis

    A waiter who can make those kids' meals appear with magician-like speed is my hero! There's nothing worse than waiting ... and waiting ... at a restaurant with hungry (whining) kids when the whole reason you went out to dinner was to relax. 

  • Husband Washing Dishes


    Image © JLP/JoseL.Pelaez/Corbis

    How hot is it when you find your husband doing the dishes? When I find mine hard at work in the sink, I fall in love with him all over again. (This is not to be confused with your man loading the dishwasher -- I think we all know how badly that can turn out.) 

  • Fast Mechanic


    Image © lyzs/Westend61/Corbis

    Mama loves a mechanic who gets the job done quickly and doesn't try the old up-sell just 'cause you're not a man. Change the oil and get me back out again in time for school dismissal without trying to convince me to buy four new tires, a cabin filter, and a scented air freshener tree and I'm your gal!


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