Long Lost Teenage Pen Pals Reunited Magically Through Online Dating

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Maybe those online dating algorithms deserve more credit than we usually give them? It seems virtual matchmaker OkCupid really knew what it was doing when it made this connection! You won't believe the following love story, which reads like a real-life fairy tale and could easily transfer to the big screen. Let me explain:

Piper Goodeve, 35, and Garbriel Vaughan, 36, started off as teenage pen pals in 1994 at the urging of friends who knew they shared many common interests. 

After four years and one in-person meeting, the letters stopped and the pair went in different directions -- or so they thought


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Unbeknownst to each other, the couple lived just streets apart in Brooklyn, New York. In fact, their paths may have crossed many times without the two ever knowing it, as they had no idea what the other looked like as an adult. They traveled the same subways each day and even shared the same voiceover agent! But it wasn't until OkCupid indicated that they were 94 percent compatible that they reconnected.  

What's even sweeter is that after their first date, Vaughan showed Goodeve the bundle of her letters, which he'd saved for the past 14 years. Can you imagine? Who wouldn't melt after that? Needless to say, the two fell in love and married earlier this year. 

Ironically, the newlyweds have many friends in common. So why didn't anyone ever think to put them together? 

I find this story so fascinating because, call me a hopeless romantic or someone who's watched way too many movies, but I like to believe if something's mean to be, it will happen. But these two had proximity, mutual acquaintances, and the same agent on their side, and they still might not have reunited without the help of cyberspace. 

Though I'm married and haven't tried any online dating sites myself, I've heard horror stories from single friends. So it's particularly refreshing to hear a good (semi) old-fashioned happy ending!

Have you ever used an online dating site? How did it go?


Images @RadiusImages/Corbis and PiperGoodeve/Facebook

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