Jenny McCarthy Spills Secrets About Her New Family With Donnie Wahlberg (VIDEO)

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy is one busy lady. She just married Donnie Wahlberg, sure, but that's only the beginning! The former View co-host also recently landed a full-time gig hosting her own radio show, Dirty Sexy Funny.

With so many transitions, the 41-year-old comedian and former Playboy model tells The Stir she's beyond grateful that her 12-year-old son Evan and new stepsons, Xavier, 21, and Elijah, 13, get along so well.

When divorced parents get together, they often hope for the harmony of The Brady Bunch, McCarthy jokes. But she knows that ideal scenario isn't always the reality.

Donnie's sons and her own have a "loving understanding of one another," McCarthy tells us, which makes her feel very "lucky and blessed."

Jenny also reveals that she and her New Kids on the Block husband have developed solid relationships with each other's exes. Wait, what?


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"I love Donnie's ex-wife, Kim, so much," McCarthy says. "I adore her. We talk a lot and I understand why Donnie married her."

Wow. Good for you, Jenny!

And on the flip side, Wahlberg gets along with Evan's dad, John Asher. So much so that he stays with them when he's in town, according to McCarthy. 

So just how exactly did they get to that coveted "can't we all just get along" place? McCarthy shares one of the best pieces of advice she ever got -- from, of all people, her therapist.

One therapist said to me, 'You know what? You signed a soul contract with the person you had a baby with, and ... you should honor that and let all the stuff go that bothered you before, and find peace for the kids.'

Such wise advice, and good for newlyweds Jenny and Donnie for being able to take it. It isn't always easy to do!

McCarthy says always striving for self-improvement is her secret weapon.

Her new marriage and radio show aren't the only things the star is passionate about these days. The stunning blonde says she recently discovered Skinny Stix, an appetite suppressant powder that mixes with water, which she credits with helping her slim down through portion control and get wedding-gown-ready. 

"I cut down on the amount of food I was eating, which made me work out a little bit less," she says. "So I was able to balance a little bit more in my life."

With so much going on, we're sure she treasures every free minute she has! But even in her downtime, Jenny is still all about bettering herself.

"The best advice I can always give is to work on yourself," she says. "You'll be amazed at the blessings that come into your life." 

We'd say a happy marriage and kids who all get along are among the best blessings any mom could dream of. Congratulations, Jenny!

Do you have any secrets to happily blending two families? 

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