Bride Whose Fiance Died Before Wedding Takes Magical Pictures in Her Dress (PHOTOS)

del Sol Photgraphy

What would you do if the man you loved died 52 days before your wedding? Most of us would collapse in a pile of grief, unable to focus on much of anything but our sadness. But not Janine. This bride did the amazing after losing her fiance Johnny. She went to the Mayan Riviera, donned the dress she was to marry him in, and jumped into the water wearing it.

The resulting photos are nothing short of spectacular.

The portraits were a gift from photographer Matt Adcock of Del Sol Photography and were shot on a single day this past month. They are full of so much emotion and meaning, it's hard to even put into words. Adcock himself was equally moved and said the photo shoot wasn't easy to orchestrate.

"I spoke with Janine before we embarked on the adventure together and did a little planning," Adcock told The Stir. "I told her that I felt like we could do something amazing for her, and we agreed that the project would serve both as healing for her and as an inspirational message for others."

And that's exactly what it has done. Adcock said the grieving bride's plight has gone viral, bringing people out of the woodwork to tell their own stories. "We had no idea that so many people would reach out to us," he said.

For Janine, it was a necessary means of letting go of what should have been.

"At the end of the day, I felt so accomplished and I felt more alive than I have ever felt since [the day my fiance died]," the photographer says she told him. "I really felt that Johnny was smiling down at me and finally giving me closure."

It's a beautiful story with photos that will move you like nothing else. You have been warned. Click on the bride's pictures below, and then tell us:

Would you ever have the courage to do something like this?

Image via Del Sol Photography/YouTube