Man Plans Big, Fake Wedding to Pop the Question to Girlfriend (VIDEO)

man putting engagement ring on woman's finger

As if there wasn't already so much pressure on guys to pop the question in a creative way that could go viral, consider what it's like for a guy who plans weddings for a living! When New Jersey-based wedding planner Jack Bermeo recently decided to propose to his girlfriend and mother of their son, he felt like it had to be a big deal. So he leaned on his professional skills to dream up a marriage proposal like no other.

Jack actually choreographed a big, FAKE wedding -- complete with 80-person guest list, wedding cake, set of engagement photos, and faux ceremony -- in order to ask Sophia to marry him! Talk about ambitious. Not to mention so, so sweet.

Check out the video to watch it all play out.


What an elaborate, hopelessly romantic ruse!

Of course Sophia was caught off-guard! And it's no wonder she tried to stop him, being under the impression that they were at someone else's wedding! But it looks like she soon figured out exactly what happened and was able to revel in the happy moment with their son, family, and friends.

While Jack certainly deserves major credit for going to such great lengths to pop the Q, you gotta love that Sophia would've been perfectly content with a proposal in their shower or living room! As she mentions later in the video, the best part of it all is their amazing connection. Extravagant proposals like this one are incredible and appreciated, no doubt, but they'd be empty without the kind of bond it's clear these two share.

What would you do if you were caught off-guard like Sophia was?


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