Get Your 'Mojo' Back After Baby With THIS Kind of Sexy Dance (VIDEO)

burlesque dancing"Please, don't do a burlesque dance for me!" said no man, ever. Ask just about any straight guy and he will tell you, watching the lady in his life do a sexy dance for him can be a major turn-on. 

But what's not so obvious is what a turn-on it can be for you, too!

One of our favorite sex and lifestyle experts, Dana B. Myers, says practicing some sexy dance moves in front of a mirror -- even if you do it alone -- can be a great way to flirt with yourself and to boost your mojo. And to get us started, she recruited the help of a friend to show us a quick, simple burlesque dance routine


For her "Mommy Mojo Makeover" workshops Myers helps moms rediscover their sexuality -- and one of the ways she does that is by teaching them burlesque moves. Burlesque is a kind of dance where a woman expresses her sensuality. It's about seducing your audience in a teasing way. In the following video Myers recruited the expertise of dance teacher and Soulesque owner Jazz Biancci

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Are you ready? Let's all get up and try this along with these fabulous moms. You can stop and restart the video as much as you need to in order to get these dance moves down. 

Watching this video via mobile? Click Sexy Burlesque Dance Lesson to see.

How did it go? Are you feeling it? Just remember -- your man never has to see these dance moves if you don't feel ready. Do it for yourself, first!

And then ... and then! Try a few of your favorite moves out on an appreciative audience (the man in your life, most likely) and let the sexytime games begin! Still feeling awkward? Just relax and have fun with it. Laugh! Get him to dance along with you. Use boas and other props. The sky's the limit!

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What did you think of the dance routine -- how did trying it out make you feel?


Image via TheStir TV

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