10 Sex Hacks to Try Tonight

10 Sex Hacks to Try Tonight

10 sex hacks

Sex is a huge part of all of our lives anyway we look at it. Whether we are getting it (or not getting it), we all think about sex an absurd amount. But not all of us are doing it right. Oh, I know, we THINK we are. Like Mel Brooks once said: "Sex is like pizza. Even when it's done bad, it's still pretty good." And all jokes aside, we all can add a little more to our sexual resume. So take a look at these hacks for the bedroom! 

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The fact is, most people overthink sex. There seems to be this popular notion out there that we need to have everything just right -- the right toys, the right mood, the right music -- just to get a little nooky. In fact, the whole thing could be greatly simplified with just a little creativity and ingenuity. Trust us. 

It's just sex! With that in mind, we trolled the Internet for the best sex tricks that don't require a major investment of time or money. We found 10 sex hacks so hot, we know EXACTLY what our readers will be doing tonight. And that's the idea.

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So take our hot tips and throw on a sexy little number. Tonight is the night, ladies! 

  • Locking Door Without a Lock


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    If it opens inward, stick a door jam under the door so it can't be opened. It's the perfect solution for parents who haven't had time (or the desire) to buy a lock for the door. Perfect in a pinch!

  • Sex Without Sex


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    It's called femoral sex and it's not QUITE sex, but it's sexy indeed and perfect for those times you don't feel like making a mess inside you that's hard to clean. Simply lube between your thighs and let him slide between them. He'll be happy, indeed.

  • Flash Him


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    If you are looking for a quick way to get him in the mood, play Girls Gone Wild with him and give him a quick flash. There's not a straight man in this world who could ignore that.

  • Text Sexy Photos From Upstairs


    Image © iStock.com/AmmentorpDK


    We know, we know. Sexting is bad news. But it's oh-so-delicious. If you want to get your man up and ready, text him from upstairs to let him know what he's missing.

  • Try Grapefruit


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    The grapefruit blow job is gaining traction on the Internet for good reason. People swear by it. Try it and change his relationship to citrus forever.

  • Drink More Water


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    Feeling dry down there? It's a common problem for breastfeeding moms and we've all been there. Do yourself a massive favor and start guzzling H2O. It's free and there's no better lube on the market.

  • Eat Pineapple


    Image © iStock.com/yelo34

    People SWEAR this makes sperm taste better. You be the judge. Lord knows you'll have fun trying!

  • Wear Socks


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    For all the women who HATE socks in bed, this is for you: It turns out socks improve your orgasm! Who knew?! Apparently one of the major deterrents to orgasm is whether or not you are cold, so when you warm the feet, you warm the body. Boom! Blast off! Pretty nice if that's all it takes.

  • Use Coconut Oil


    Image © iStock.com/joannawnuk

    Is there anything coconut oil CAN'T do??  It makes a good lube in a pinch. If you have some around, just rub it on him -- bonus, it makes blow jobs that much tastier!

  • Vitamin E


    Image© iStock.com/Kativ

    Vitamin E capsules are also a great lube in a pinch!


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