8 Fights My Husband & I Keep Having (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Sep 11, 2014 Love & Sex
8 Fights My Husband & I Keep Having (PHOTOS)

couple fighting for remote control

I don't know about you, but sometimes marriage can feel like Groundhog Day. My husband and I seem to have the same fights nearly daily.

Somehow we've avoided the cliched "put the seat down" and the ever-popular battle over the remote control, but, boy, we've got other things!

Thankfully, none is an "I'm retaining a divorce attorney" dealbreaker, but they're annoying and worsened by the fact that they seem to be recurring with alarming frequency.

These are our top 8 fighting hot spots. Any sound familiar? 

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Do you and your partner have recurring battles? If so, what do you fight about? 

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  • Those Breakfast Bowls Can't Transport Themselves!


    Image via Liz Alterman

    Part of me wants to let the dishes sit there all day, but another part -- the one that works from home and is forced to look at them -- must put them in the sink! 

  • No Gas in the Tank


    Image via Liz Alterman

    Empty again? How is that possible? I feel like each time I get in the car to drive my children to a practice or a music lesson, that little orange light indicating the tank is nearly depleted comes on. (Plus, I should mention that the seat is pushed so far back, I'm nearly in the third row of my van and the radio comes on at deafening levels.) 

  • Empty Ice Cube Trays


    Image via Liz Alterman

    Every time I reach for ice, no joke, I come up empty-handed! How tough is it to just refill these little ice trays? When I go to someone's home and their fridge makes the ice, I want to propose to that appliance!

  • Socks Everywhere


    Image via Liz Alterman

    Now I know I probably won't get much sympathy as I realize I should just be grateful my husband folds laundry, but ... any lone sock somehow ends up on my dresser. Buried under a mountain of single tube socks and those crazy-long Nike Elites, long separated from their mates, are my earrings, lipsticks, and other things that I thought were lost. 

  • World's Brightest Alarm Clock


    Image via Liz Alterman

    Maybe I'm light-sensitive, but my husband's alarm clock is bright enough to land a 747 in my opinion. I have to cover this thing with a mountain of socks (which I just transfer from slide #4) so our bedroom isn't lit up like a drive-in movie. 

  • Lights On!


    Image via Liz Alterman

    "Who left this light on? Do you think I work for the electric company?" was my dad's mantra growing up and I guess it's rubbed off. When I see a light on long after someone's left the room, I want to scream, "You were passing by the switch, just flick it!" When I return in the evening, the house is lit up like a Roman candle!

  • Proper Dishwasher Loading


    Image via Liz Alterman

    Now I know I'm not alone here. A dishwasher can be a very personal thing. (Crazy as it sounds!) Loading it is a serious art, and when you put all the bowls on the top shelf when you know all the glasses are dirty, where do you go from there? Just sayin'.

  • Sleep-Inducing Couch


    Image via Liz Alterman

    This is the scene of a nightly disagreement where my husband vows he's going to watch a movie or a new TV series and, within 15 minutes, he's sound asleep. (I'm beginning to think he's narcoleptic.) Then he has the nerve the next night to ask me to re-watch what I saw the previous evening. Only, guess what happens? He's asleep again moments later!

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