Women’s Confessions About Staying With Abusers Go Viral With #WhyIStayed

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Many women were shocked when Janay Rice, wife of an NFL player who was videotaped beating her, came out to defend her husband. It's disturbing to know that she married her then-boyfriend just a month after that attack. Why did she stay with him after what he did to her? For that matter, why does any woman stay with an abusive partner?

Women have taken to Twitter to answer that question in very personal ways. They are using the hashtag #WhyIStayed. And the bare honesty of their stories will take your breath away.


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There are so many reasons why women stay -- starting with not recognizing when they're being abused.

Shame is a huge factor in domestic abuse.

Substance abuse can turn someone you love into someone unrecognizable ... and leave you hanging on, hoping he'll get better for good.

This is a huge reason why moms especially have a hard time leaving abusive husbands and boyfriends -- they don't want to break up the family.

But your kids are always watching and learning. Breaking up the family may be the healthiest thing you can do for your kids.

Unfortunately, DiGiorno Pizza jumped on the hashtag without knowing what it was about -- resulting in a colossally stupid gaffe.

digiorno why i stayed

Hello! This is social media 101: #DontJumpOnEveryHashtag! They apologized quickly.

Back to the women's stories, this is one of the biggest reasons why women don't leave abusive relationships, why they won't get help, why they can be so hard to reach.

My hunch is this is a big reason why Janay Rice has stayed.

Some women are adding #WhyILeft to share the trigger that finally helped them break away.

Here's hoping the powerful stories about why women stayed -- and why they left -- will help the countless other women in pain who remain silent. I hope this gives them courage to speak up and get the help they need.

Have you ever been a victim of domestic abuse? Why did you stay? What got you to leave?


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