How to Love Your Post-Baby Body Enough to Get in the Mood for Sex (VIDEO)

woman in mirrorWhen you look at yourself in a full-length mirror, what's the first thing you feel? For a lot of us moms, it's a combination of fear, disappointment, and longing. Maybe we're not seeing the body we want to see. We're not as slim and toned as we'd like to be, or maybe the baby has caused some of your curves to sag.

It's hard not to pick yourself apart as you stare at your reflection -- and it's hard not to let those feelings affect your sex life.

But you know what? Sex and relationships expert Dana B. Myers is here to help. The thing is, you don't HAVE to stand in front of the mirror and feel that way. Myers has a great trick for turning that moment around into something that makes you feel sexy and sensational: Take that body part you usually disparage, and tell yourself how sexy it is. As in, "I LOVE my big, sassy butt. It's so hot!"

Myers demonstrated how to do this in a fun video she did with us. See for yourself!


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It's so simple, it seems almost too easy. But Myers knows what she's talking about. She runs a workshop called Mommy Mojo Makeover and has seen all kinds of moms transform themselves through exercises like this one. Worth a try, right?

I think it's brilliant. We know how much of a mind game sex is. And we know how powerful words and thoughts can be. If you made it a regular practice to tell yourself that your thighs, your butt, or your tummy is sexy, you might actually start believing it. And then what?

You might start acting like you believe it. And then you'd be unstoppable!

I really believe this works. I know strong, confident women of all shapes and sizes who practice it, who somehow, against the odds, decided to love their bodies. They decided whatever special something they've got going on is hot. And the result? Great sex life!

It's all in your head, ladies. YOU get to decide how sexy you are. That spark comes from inside you. It comes from loving what makes your body uniquely yours.

Have you ever tried doing what Myers suggests?


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