Jealous Woman Makes Boyfriend Wear Crazy 'No-Cheating' T-Shirt (PHOTO)

jealousy t-shirt

Before her boyfriend left to vacation in Ibiza with his buddies, Abbie Bartlett, 20, of England gave him a little gift to take with him on his getaway. 

While a lightweight, white T-shirt might seem like a practical item for an island retreat, how the possessive but creative girlfriend decorated it is causing quite a fuss.

Beneath the words, "I love my girlfriend Abbie and I hate all the girls in Ibiza so please stay away from me," Bartlett had four photos of the happy couple printed on the shirt! 

While news of the tee has pretty much taken over #whipped on Twitter, the prank-loving minx maintains that her beau, Leon Connelly, finds it just as funny as she does and is proudly sporting it while on vacay, which I suppose makes them well-matched.

Though some are calling the love-struck Bartlett "psycho" and "controlling," I think it's hysterical and a variation on a shirt I've been wanting to craft for a while now! Unfortunately, my idea is more bitter than sweet.  


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Anyone who's watched friends or relatives struggle through painful divorces after their husbands have checked out for whatever reason would have to admit that exacting a little revenge can seem pretty attractive. 

For years I've said I'd love to see my heartbroken pals make up shirts or, heck, even billboards, bearing photos of their ex's faces and a caption that might read: "If you see this guy, tell him he owes his former wife lots of cash and a major apology!" OK, I'll admit it, I've actually imagined the tees (and bumper stickers) saying much worse than that, but you get where I'm going.

It sounds like Bartlett didn't really intend for Connelly to wear the tongue-in-cheek tee, nor would I expect my friends to don the ones I have in mind, but boldy putting the words out there could be sort of therapeutic. 

Let's face it: Whether you're battling jealousy or sadness, sometimes laughter really can be the best medicine.

What do you think of Bartlett's T-shirt? Would you ever make one for your man? 

Image via and AbbieBartlett/Twitter

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