What Your Engagement Ring Says About You (PHOTOS)

What Your Engagement Ring Says About You (PHOTOS)

what your engagement ring says about you

An engagement ring is probably the most important gift a woman ever receives in her life, and what she chooses (assuming it is up to her) says an enormous amount about who she is. 

While a more traditional woman might choose to go the diamond route, there are really hundreds of options when it comes to an engagement ring and equally as many ways to express our individuality through it.

When I got engaged in 2002, there were a lot fewer choices than there are now. Maybe I would have done it all differently had I known how many variations were out there!

"We all know that classic diamond wedding rings say a lot about the brides wearing them, and the same couldn’t be truer for these new non-traditional rings," says jewelry expert Claudia Montez, founder of Isabelle Grace Jewelry. We talked to Montez and other jewelers to discuss 11 engagement ring choices and what they say about the women who own them.

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What kind of engagement ring do you have?

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  • Emerald Engagement Ring


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    An emerald ring is not a practical ring at all, says private jeweler Katherine Huang. "Women who sport them may have an emerald as a birthstone or don't use their hands often in their work, allowing them the luxury of having a stone that needs to be pampered."

  • Sapphire Engagement Ring


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    A woman with a sapphire ring is "a trustworthy, compassionate bride who is liked by many and is truly in touch with her emotional side," says Montez. "Her wedding will be a massive celebration filled with sentimental speeches and tears of joy."

  • Gold Bands


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    The woman who sports a simple gold band might be "very traditional and European, since many Europeans don't wear engagement rings," says Huang. "These women tend to be sporty and don't like fussy things."

  • Platinum Band


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    A platinum band says that a bride is "a confident go-getter who admires modern minimalism, values efficiency, and lives by the motto 'Less is more,'" says Montez.

  • Vintage Engagement Ring


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    Is there anything more romantic than a vintage engagement ring? According to Huang: "Women who are drawn to the vintage love the idea of pieces that have special meaning outside of the engagement. Knowing a favorite aunt or grandmother wore the ring for many years while in a happy marriage is priceless." Seems about right.

  • Pearl Engagement Ring


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    A pearl ring is an unusual choice, says Huang, who has never had a bride ask for one! According to Montez, the woman with this ring is a classic beauty who admires actresses like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. "This bride would love a glam, swanky golf course wedding with a 'see and be seen' crowd and plenty of paparazzi," she says.

  • Ruby Engagement Ring


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    A ruby engagement ring is a true luxury, says Huang, who points out that it can cost more than a diamond for a high-quality ruby. "Women with ruby rings are non-traditional but very romantic," Huang says.

  • No Ring


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    Deciding not to have an engagement ring at all is the "perfect choice for outspoken brides who are passionate about worldly causes and want to make a huge difference in society," says Montez. "She steers clear of anything deemed 'traditional' and is a true leader of the pack." Cool!

  • Rose Gold Engagement Ring


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    If you have ever seen a rose gold ring, then you know how lovely they can be. "Rose gold has very much come into vogue; it is flattering to almost any skin tone, but committing to rose gold for an engagement ring is a subtle way to do something different when everyone else is choosing either a yellow or white metal," Huang says. "This woman doesn't need to announce that she's unique; you usually know this about her before you see her ring."

  • Canary Diamond Engagement Ring


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    If you have ever seen a canary diamond, then you KNOW what a statement it makes. Not surprisingly, the kind of woman who wants this kind of engagement ring is the kind of woman who likes to make a statement too. "Sophisticated, success-driven ladies would love an engagement ring featuring large diamonds in canary, pink, and other colored hues," Montez says. "These rings are erudite and impressive, just like the Type-A brides wearing them."

  • Diamond Engagement Ring


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    The woman who picks a diamond engagement ring is a traditional gal, maybe a younger bride or at least one who likes the idea of being linked to many generations of brides before her. She's a romantic!


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