What Your Engagement Ring Says About You (PHOTOS)

what your engagement ring says about you

An engagement ring is probably the most important gift a woman ever receives in her life, and what she chooses (assuming it is up to her) says an enormous amount about who she is. 

While a more traditional woman might choose to go the diamond route, there are really hundreds of options when it comes to an engagement ring and equally as many ways to express our individuality through it.

When I got engaged in 2002, there were a lot fewer choices than there are now. Maybe I would have done it all differently had I known how many variations were out there!


"We all know that classic diamond wedding rings say a lot about the brides wearing them, and the same couldn’t be truer for these new non-traditional rings," says jewelry expert Claudia Montez, founder of Isabelle Grace Jewelry. We talked to Montez and other jewelers to discuss 11 engagement ring choices and what they say about the women who own them.

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What kind of engagement ring do you have?

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