Why Are Men So Scared of Sex With a Woman Who Has Her Period?

couple in bed, man isn't interested in sex, period sexCan we all just agree that men are big babies? And I'm not just talking about how they act when they're sick -- the "man cold," if you will. I'm talking about how they act in the bedroom when we have our periods.

I can't tell you how many times I've had guys ask me to do some crazy, weird stuff between the sheets, only to have them freak out when they find out my monthly "friend" is paying a visit.

Look, I get that some women don't feel comfortable having sex when they have their period. That feels different somehow. But if you're okay with it, shouldn't your partner be too?

Here's why men really need to man up when it comes to period sex.


With all the charming and delightful bodily fluids involved in not-so-off-the-wall sex acts (do I really need to list them out for you?), I am constantly surprised at how squeamish guys can get about blood. Which, by the way, we all have, in case they haven't noticed.

So you want to put your what in my what? Or do what all over your what? Wait, what is THAT? OMG, BLOOD! AAAHHHH!

I realize that blood by its very nature just gives some people the eebies jeebies, and I get the ick factor in theory. And yes, I know about diseases. But there is such a thing as condoms, you know. They're this great invention! And more importantly, there are other things you can do sexually when the woman has her period that don't involve getting all messy and won't make anyone sick. So try those things! (Guys, a lot of those things involve YOU, so this is your big chance!)

And hey, if you're in a committed, monogamous relationship -- heck, perhaps this is the father of your kids, even! -- then, really, aren't we all adults here?

He's seen you have babies. With all.that.blood. Yes, it's wonderful, but it's a great, big mess too. And he survived! He's probably seen you do one or two things in the bathroom, too -- or at least heard you. So why does he suddenly have a complete aversion to getting laid when there's a little of the same blood that arrives every single month?

Here's a thought: Grow up! (Or at least, Get creative!)

You don't have to have a monthly sexual activity break.

Now I'm perfectly fine with a little (or a lot) of over-the-clothes fun, culminating in more action for him, and less for me, but for the most part, women aren't constantly bleeding during their period, and with a little towel (which you might use anyway), I think it's perfectly fine, recommended even, to continue with said fun.

Or hey, use your hand, which you can then wash! With soap! Funny how that works.

And I have to be honest that as I've gotten older, the days, even the week, leading up to my period, I feel so crappy that when I actually get the damn thing, I feel great (leakage aside) and am ready for a little action.

Okay, a lot of action.

Look. I have a great deal of respect for the guys I've been with who really don't care -- and who tend to be older and have kids themselves, by the way. These kinds of men do exist! They want to have sex, they want us both to enjoy it, and they're willing to suck it up (sometimes literally) to get the job done -- at any time of the month. For those men out there, this diatribe is not about you. This is for all those other men out there who need to take a page out of your book and loosen up a little.

Okay, a lot.

Do you have sex when you have your period?


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