Man Divorces Wife Because She Wanted Too Much Sex

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When have you ever heard of a guy saying, "Oh, I'm getting too much sex from my wife, I'd better divorce her"? Well, in the "this might be the first time in the history of the world" category, an Indian man filed for and was granted a divorce from his wife by the Mumbai family court because of her unrelenting demands for sex.  

According to The Times of India, the man first approached the court in January 2014 claiming his wife was "aggressive and autocratic with an insatiable appetite for sex." Oh, and she apparently forced him to take medications to help him with his sexual performance when not plying him with copious amounts of liquor. The man stated that he was working three shifts at his job and just didn't have the energy to come home and please her as well (cry us a river). 

Now granted, we're poking a little fun, but this case did raise some serious questions, like what would happen if a woman tried to use the same claim as grounds for divorce?


In reviewing the actual public records, it did sound like there was some bullying going on in this case, sexual and otherwise. Though to others demands for too much sex might seem like a good problem to have, anything taken to the extreme can wear down a relationship. And in this case, the "unnatural sex" demands sounded like, well ... just the tip of the iceberg in their relational problems. Since his wife didn't show up in court to defend her position, however, we're left with an incomplete picture (i.e., her side of the story).

There are a couple interesting things to ponder with this case though. To begin with, what would happen if a woman showed up in court and said, "I am just exhausted from working full time and then trying to care for the kids, make dinner, and clean the house, and I just don't have the energy left to please my man at night too ... I want a divorce." Somehow we're guessing that it wouldn't swing in her favor. Can you imagine a judge saying, "Oh, you poor woman, well I can see why you would be so tired. You shouldn't have to have sex all the time too. Divorce granted." Yeah, we didn't either. 

The other thing to keep in mind is that mismatched libidos are a real issue in relationships. While it's not always possible to judge this before marriage -- especially if you're in a situation where you've abstained before tying the knot -- if you can discern where you and a partner fall on the "how often I like to get it on" scale in a premarital situation, it can help determine compatibility. And if one of you needs it way more than the other, then there are healthy ways to deal with this that don't include forcing your partner to pop Viagra after work. We're not sure if they've heard of sex toys in India, but one would think that in the birthplace of Tantra, there might be a vibrator or two available for this woman to take care of her own needs when her husband was indisposed (like the time he had his appendix out and she still apparently "forced" him to have sex).  

There is also a power balance in every relationship that when knocked out of whack can get transferred into a couple's sexual dynamic (i.e., control, dominance, etc.). If a couple is unhappy outside of the bedroom, then the chances are not high they're going to be happy between the sheets either. Without knowing the actual circumstances of this couple's relationship, we would have to venture a guess that they were probably not living in bliss anywhere.

That being said, this whole thing does give new meaning to marriage vows, which in this case went something like "Until death or multiple orgasm do us part."

What do you think ... is a demand for too much sex grounds for divorce?

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