What Your Wedding Dress Style Says About You (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Sep 4, 2014 Love & Sex

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When it come to your wedding dress, the endless supply of styles, materials, designers, and even colors (so many types of white!) can be enough to overwhelm even the most laid-back bride. And no matter what you actually have in mind or have pinned (let's be honest, maybe even before you got engaged!), you may find yourself a bit stunned while actually shopping and trying on dresses.

Really, it's no surprise just how tough it can be to find the style that suits you best! "Most brides believe they have to consider their shape and size first when selecting their dream wedding gown," explains Kristen Hodge-Clark, co-owner of Omni Couture Veils & Bridal in Baltimore, Maryland. "But we actually encourage brides to start first with thinking about their personality and their own sense of style to help guide them."

what your wedding dress says about you

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Therein lies the key to every bride finding the look she'll ultimately be head over heels for. What exactly makes a gown the right one for you? Here are 10 popular wedding dress styles and what each might say about your personality

What was your wedding dress style?


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  • Sheath


    If you're loving a sheath style like this satin number reminiscent of the '60s, your motto may be "keep it simple." "A bride who picks a sheath with very little embellishment or beading may be laid-back and quiet and probably likes to just chill and relax at home on her days off," explains Hodge-Clark. "You're a minimalist who likes the simple things in life."

  • Empire


    The bride who chooses a flowing empire-waisted gown may be a dreamer and a bit of a girly girl at heart. Romantic details and personal touches are sure to run rampant through the wedding she plans.  

  • Ethereal


    Perhaps you're all about magical, whimsical details like butterfly appliques or unexpected ruffles. This surely reflects your playful, artistic nature. You're likely also in tune with nature and love to be outdoors. No doubt you've considered a rustic vibe for your reception!

  • Princess Ball Gown


    If an A-line ball gown that makes you feel like a princess is your dress style of choice, there's no denying it: You're a traditionalist bride all the way! "This classic bride has a style like Kate Middleton's and is polite, sweet, and always colors in the lines," explains Hodge-Clark. "She is the type who swears by traditions, whether they be family or style."

  • Vintage


    Depending on what era you end up channeling with your vintage gown, you might be a bohemian free spirit straight out of the '70s or prim and proper '50s diva. Either way, if you're all about reuse, you're likely eco-conscious and independent. Your wedding is sure to be full of fun, extraordinary details. 

  • Short/Above-the-Knee


    Going in a more unconventional direction with an above-the-knee wedding dress may indicate you're a rebel, unwilling to always follow the rules. You're happier to stick with what suits you best, and it works! Hodge-Clark refers to these brides as "cutting-edge" and "daring, one-of-a-kind."

  • Grecian Goddess/One-Shoulder


    "The type of bride who chooses an Grecian style gown is inbetween ultra traditional and simple chic," explains Hodge-Clark. "She may be the subtly flirty and romantic type." It's also quite likely that this bride is one who feels she shares an easy-going kind of love with her groom and wants to celebrate that with an effortlessly lovely, flowy style.

  • Trumpet aka Mermaid


    The sexy trumpet or mermaid style that hugs the hips and flares out below the knee is a favorite of the most glam brides. "A woman who chooses this curve-hugging cut is sultry, sophisticated, and sexy," says Hodge-Clark. "Confident, bold, and regal glam, she’s the social butterfly type that makes friends wherever she goes."

  • Pink or Lavender


    Perhaps you know that white -- or ivory, or cream -- simply isn't what you want for your big day. You'd rather make like Kaley Cuoco and Jessica Biel-Timberlake and go PINK! Or lavender! If that's the case, you're most likely "opinionated and sometimes outspoken in a very colorful way," notes Hodge-Clark. In other words, you're a true original!

  • Sequined & Sparkly to the Max


    When it comes to wedding dress bling, there's subtle sparkle and then there's red carpet-ready sequins from head to toe! If you end up loving the latter, you're an unapologetic showstopper. Happy to not only own the spotlight, but to pull out ALL the stops for your Big Day. No big surprise if you're already planning that sexy choreographed song or dance number for the reception!