Men Reveal Their REAL Feelings About Women Who Wear 'Too Much' Makeup

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The age-old debate over whether men believe women should wear a full face of makeup or go all natural continues to rage on. Although plenty of guys feel they shouldn't really have any say in the matter, their likes and dislikes are a whole different ballgame. And apparently, they would much prefer we lay off the shadow and blush. 

According to a new survey of 1,000 women and 500 men done by St. Ives, three-fourths of men are fans of a more natural look, while 40 percent say they think women wear too much makeup. Awesome! And we should care, because ...?


Contrary to pop songs written by men that tell a woman she doesn't have to "try so hard" by wearing makeup or that she's beautiful "just the way" she is, makeup always isn't a sign that we need an insecure mask to hide behind.

I know more women who like to wear makeup more than those who feel they have to wear it. And women who feel they have to wear it to make their men happy? Uh, you would hope THAT way of thinking has gone the way of girdles and menstrual belts, but the survey found 1 in 10 women wear makeup only to impress the opposite sex. Oh, ladies ...

Of course we all want to feel attractive to men, but one thing surveys like this one fail to acknowledge it seems is that a woman's relationship with makeup is often thoroughly independent of her relationship with her man! We're not putting on eyeliner or trying a new HD powder foundation with hopes that it'll get our husbands hot and bothered. And most of us certainly aren't going to skip it if he doesn't. 

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Think of this way: We'd balk if our husbands suddenly started espousing their opinion on whether or not we should use concealer or faux lashes, right? Patronizing "mansplainations" about why we ought to tone it down are just the other side of the same coin.

Either way, how natural or faux to go with makeup is up to those of us wearing it. Hey, good to know where guys stand. But pretty sure it won't -- nor should it -- pull those of us who love our makeup away from cosmetics counters anytime soon.

How much -- or little -- does your guy's opinion on makeup influence what you wear?

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