Britney Spears' Ex Gives Oldest Excuse in the Book for Why He Cheated

Britney SpearsIt's clear that Britney Spears feels totally betrayed by her boyfriend David Lucato macking on some other chick. She immediately broke up with him and has been vocal about the situation, saying, "Well, by now you all know my boyfriend cheated on me," while on stage in Las Vegas. But you know how cheaters can be. "You didn't see it, that didn't happen, you're imagining it" is their mantra, and David is reportedly trying the old "We were on a break" Jedi-mind trick.


TMZ reports that sources tell them that Brit kicked David to the curb before the cheating via text message, saying, "I'm done with you," over arguments they'd been having about "outside influences" (cough Dad cough) in her life.

It was apparently the very next night that David got his freak on with some chick he was videotaped making out with. The video was offered to outlets, but Britney's father reportedly bought it to keep it out of circulation. (Boo! We wanna see this chick!)

What we have here is a breakdown of communication between Mars and Venus. When women say "we're on a break," they intend for some quiet time for men to reflect upon their horridness, meditate about how wrong they've been, and then come back with myriad apologies.

Some men, however, see "breaks" as a window of opportunity -- time to get busy with other gals! Simple as that, really.

I wouldn't say either one is correct. Women, if you break up with a man rather than say, "Let's take a night off from speaking so we can each think about our relationship," then you just don't know what he's gonna do.

Men, if you are taking a "break" from speaking, but are still trying to work things out, or will expect to be taken back at some point in the near future, now is NOT the time to prove to your woman that this break should be permanent.

Poor dummy David didn't understand sistah-speak, but now he does. Fair warning, fellas, don't make the same mistake. This is why it's good to have clear communication. Men and women should never assume they are on the same page when it comes to relationship dynamics.

Not only that, David and Brit had apparently reconciled one night after his make-out sesh -- and you can bet he neglected to mention what he'd been up to the night before. In fact, he probably told her he'd been home crying and scarfing Ben & Jerry's. (Never believe that, ladies.)

However, because it sounds like there's just enough mindf**k here for Britney to get confused, watch for these two to possibly reconcile -- if Daddy lets it happen.

Do you think a guy who gets with another woman while on a "break" is cheating or no?


Image via BritneySpears/Instagram

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