Groom Turns Canceled Wedding Reception Into Epic Charity Event

Phil Laboon was supposed to get married this weekend in Pittsburgh. But well, stuff happens and sometimes totally altruistic, big-hearted, and -- dare I be shallow and say it -- handsome men get their weddings called off. So the 32-year-old was faced with a conundrum: drown his sorrows in tequila all weekend -- okay, that's probably what I would do and not what Laboon suggested -- or think of those who have even bigger problems than lost love and turn his pre-paid reception into a huge charity fundraiser.


Laboon, who is a CEO of an Internet marketing company, won't go into detail about why his wedding was called off. He had the idea to sell tickets to his reception and donate the proceeds to Surgicorps International, which provides plastic surgery to children who were born with birth defects or disfigured from burns.

He even came up with a super-cute name for the event: "LemonAID," which reminds us to make lemonade when life gives us a bunch of lemons. His efforts have helped create quite a few buckets of lemonade: he expects to raise about $50,000 from ticket sales.

This is the part where you're probably wondering why a person who is capable of doing something so sweet could still be single while Chris Brown is out there scoring beautiful women. And the only answer to that is that the world is a strange place where absolutely nothing makes sense. The follow-up answer to that is: he won't be single for long. Laboon has already received 500 Facebook friend requests, mostly from women or moms and grandmothers looking to set up the young ladies in their family.

So, there you have it. Things don't always work out in life and especially love, but as Laboon proves, how you handle them is often the most important thing of all.

What do you think about this groom's idea to turn his canceled wedding party into a fundraiser?


Image via Fuzzy Gerdes/Flickr

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