Couple Posts Selfie After Divorce Is Finalized & People Go Crazy

couple's divorce selfie

Just when you thought selfies couldn't get more personal, one Florida couple is celebrating not their union, but their divorce by sharing a self-portrait posed with the decree that dissolves their three-year marriage.

From their enormous grins, you'd never suspect that Michelle Knight and Keith Hinson of Orlando were calling it quits. But sometimes, as this beaming duo proves, knowing when to say when is cause for jubilation. 

Not long ago a friend of mine told me she was getting a divorce after more than a decade of marriage. When I told her I was so sorry to hear that, she said, "Don't be. I'm thrilled. I've wanted this for a while. Trust me, it's a good thing."


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There wasn't one thing or incident that led to my friend's decision to move on. Rather, she said she'd been unhappy for several years, and feeling that time is passing faster than ever, she didn't want to spend any more of her life that way. Though making the transition hasn't been easy for her, I do think she's much happier. A weight I hadn't even realized she'd been carrying has been lifted. 

I have another friend who jokes that while some people say their parents' divorce screwed them up, he believes he'd have been much better off if his constantly bickering mom and dad had simply parted ways. (He's unmarried, I should note.) 

So, while some have criticized the happily divorced selfie couple for breaking their vows or not giving their marriage more of a chance, there are times when you just know something isn't going to work, so why make each other miserable? 

If only everyone could be as evolved as the newly single Hinson when he writes, "Here's to the most friendly, respectful, and loving split imaginable. We smile not because it's over, but because it happened."

Do you think the divorce selfie will become a new trend? Should it?


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