12 Women Reveal Their Top Sex Dealbreakers

man woman disgusted on a date in movie theaterWe all have sex dealbreakers! For most women, it doesn't take much for us to decide sex is just NOT going to happen. Whether your husband's stinky feet have you kickin' him to the couch or a date's political beliefs have you kickin' him to the curb, guys -- for better or worse -- run the risk of turning us off for a night or forever! And it's really no surprise.

After all, though men and women reportedly have at least 237 sexual motivations, women's reasons for having sex tend to be much more varied than men's -- from curing a migraine to getting their partners to take out the trash, according to David M. Buss and Cindy M. Meston, Ph.D.s and authors of Why Women Have Sex.

So it stands to reason that we have just as many -- or more! -- excuses not to jump into bed with our men.

Let's be honest: Everyone has them. We asked that 12 women reveal their own sex dealbreakers. Just wait 'til you see what they said!


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  1. "I hate, hate, hate when my husband doesn't shave his beard. And when I said I hate when he doesn't shave, I mean I want his face clean-shaven. NO stubble. Seriously, I have refused to have sex with him on occasion for this!" -Jen, 32
  2. "Bad. Breath." -Jeanne, 32
  3. "Sometimes, a guy is attractive, sweet, generous, funny-- the whole package. But if he smells bad to me (and I mean his natural odor), game over." -Samantha, 30
  4. "Well I don't need him to be the smartest man on earth, but he does need to know how to properly formulate a sentence. Really bad grammar is a turnoff!" -Caitlin, 28
  5. "Spitting. Ugh, hate that! Go into the bathroom, so I don't have to hear it. It's gross and very unattractive, especially if you want a kiss!" -Katie, 39
  6. "Everyone has insecurities, but if a guy is not only extremely unsure of himself but he tries to compensate by putting others down? Eww, see ya!" -Sylvie, 30
  7. "Any guy who is smaller than me. Sorry, no. I like a big guy. In general. Not just in one way. HA." -Sasha, 37
  8. "If he's selfish -- whether it's during sex or just [by] refusing to give a simple back rub." -Katrina, 25
  9. "Flip-flops. There are few things I hate more than man feet in flip-flops." -Suzee, 23
  10. "If a guy is not an adventurous eater, that's a big turnoff." -Judy, 42
  11. "I don't think I could ever sleep with a guy who wasn't pro-choice or didn't support marriage equality. How could someone that closed-minded ever been good in bed?" -Erica, 32
  12. "If I give you direction in bed, and you complain jokingly. (This is a thing. I do not understand it.)" -Sally, 30

Bad breath and height aside, women's sex dealbreakers may all boil down to what Rosemary Basson, physician at the Center for Sexual Medicine at Vancouver, found in her research: Women often initiate sex out of a wish for intimacy.

So if we spy any sort of red flag that prevents us from wanting to get closer to a guy, sex is bound to go off the table. It's both as simple and as complicated as that.

What's your biggest sex dealbreaker?

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