Women Addicted to Adult Entertainment Suffer As Much As Men, Says New Study

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You'd think that by living in a post-Sex and the City world, the idea that women are just as sexual as men wouldn't be met nearly so often with absolute shock and awe. But here we go again! A new study has found that -- gulp -- women watch porn, too! What's more, women are at as much risk as men for porn addiction, according to a new study published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. You don't say!

Researchers at Duisburg-Essen University in Germany say anyone -- aka men and women -- who watches porn regularly runs the risk of psychological dependency. Which of course is no good, because hello, sex with another human is way better and healthier than being hung-up on all the unrealistic images and messages of porn.


The study involved 102 straight women -- half were regular porn viewers and half weren't, all were under the age of 30 -- who were shown 100 pornographic photos. Afterward, "cravings and arousal levels" were higher among the porn fans. Surprise!

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Obviously, those findings aren't actually shocking. What is supposed to get our tongues wagging, however, is that the lead author of the study says porn is "the new cocaine" -- and women are just as likely as men to get hooked.

Sounds ... obvious, no? Although men probably do consume a lot more porn than women on the regular, it's never been a strictly heterosexual male pastime! Both men and women have been interested in -- or even potentially addicted to -- sex since, well, the dawn of time. So, yeah, it stands to reason that women could also fall victim to porn addiction.

The bottom-line is that here's proof we can't pretend porn addiction is a gender-specific problem. It's warping A LOT of men's and women's expectations in the bedroom -- and in turn, wrecking a bunch of people's sex lives. In other words, keeping the plastic fantasies to a minimum is best for everyone!

Are you surprised by these findings?


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