'Will You Be My Bridesmaid' Card Is Genius & Hilarious (PHOTO)

bride and bridesmaidSo you're finally engaged, the wedding planning has started, and the details of the big day are slowly becoming real. But now it's time for you to pop the question. That's right, find your special lady and utter those seven beautiful words: "Will you be my maid of honor?"

The commitment to your maid or matron of honor is serious and binding. You'll be spending countless hours together leading up to the wedding, and they'll be your right-hand lady on the day of, so the decision shouldn't be light.

But once you figure out who to ask, the asking is the fun part. Maybe you can do exactly what one bride-to-be did, and give them a sweet card that really tells it how it is: "I might pee on you."



will you be my bridesmaid card

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Now before you start panicking, sending in the hate mail, and yelling, "OMG how could she?!" wait until you read the inside:

will you be my bridesmaid card

Much better, no?

Everyone knows that maids/matrons of honor and even bridesmaids are essentially at the beck and call of brides. They serve as idea generators, party starters, emotional supporters, and every little last task falls under their duties. Really, there's no official simple job description. It's no easy commitment.

But if a bride can at least poke fun at herself and admit upfront that she may "annoy" her entourage with all the teeny tiny demands, there's at least hope that it'll all be a good relationship.

So go ahead and send in that reply. At least you know what to expect.

How did you ask your maid of honor to take on the role?


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