Man Uses Social Media to Find the Woman He Fell in Love With on a Plane

love in midair

Imagine meeting someone for the first time and having an instant connection only to lose them in a crowd just a few hours later? That's what happened when Jamie Kelly, 24, of Ireland, met a 27-year-old Canadian named Katie while the pair was flying from Barcelona to Dublin.

Though he was instantly smitten, Kelly failed to find out Katie's last name, and when the two were separated at customs, the "Irish Romeo" was forced to resort to some pretty creative ways to track down the adorable girl from Nova Scotia.

With the help of friends, Kelly embarked on a social media campaign aimed at reuniting him with his fellow traveler and potential love interest.

Thanks to the hashtags #FindKatie and #LoveAtFirstFlight and an all-out international search, the couple has not only been reunited, they're headed out on a date in Kelly's homeland! Score one for the Internet and the power of social media! 


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We love this story for so many reasons! Let me count the ways!

First, this is the stuff romantic comedies are made of, and how great is it that it has a real-life happy ending?!?

Second, it's so refreshing to hear about someone using the Internet to find love in a positive way as opposed to employing it to look for a mistress, a one-night stand, or an underage "companion."

Third, it gives us hope that summer romance is alive and well! We commend Kelly for not simply moving on to baggage claim and not allowing this chance for love to end up as another missed connection.

How far would you go to pursue a stranger you felt could be "the one"?


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